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Our Mission:
To deliver Quality Brass Parts & Assemblies in time & Every time at efficient price while creating values for customers, Vendors, Employees & all other Stakeholders.
Business Vision:
To be recognized as Industry Leader for Quality Brass Parts & Assemblies, World wide.
Quality Policy:
Our Prime Focus is the satisfaction of our Honorable Customers & our Prime Motto is to meet customers' requirements effectively & creating values for all, our customers & our Company & to Society.

We are committed to manufacture & deliver consistently, quality engineering brass components and services to the customer.
We are committed to pursue Excellency  through continuous improvement in all areas of business processes and to distinguish ourselves by the quality, delivery & cost efficiency of our products & services, with the total Involvement of our employees.
We thrive to understand and fulfill, with quick response the changing needs of the customer time to time.
We are committed to adopt & Implement Latest World Standards, Techniques & systems for ensuring Total Quality Control.
Training Policy:
Ashwani group believe in enhancing human resources assets value for continual improvement in product quality.
Periodic  training is provided to all employees to make things Easier, Faster & cost effective
Periodic measurement of employees’ skills & capabilities are tested with relation to Matrix Skill & competence skills
In house as well as training from professional bodies are organized.
Health And Safety Policy:
Health & Safety of all the employees is utmost importance at Ashwani metals. We aims to eliminate, control or reduce the workplace hazards & associated risk of illness or injuries to the employees, Customers, Contractors & all those who might be affected by our business activities.

With regard to Health & Safety, we aim to achieve the following Objectives:

We  recognize  & comply with the requirements of all relevant Legal, Statutory & other Provisions and will provide a safe working environment, safe work equipment and safe methods of work to all our employees
We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and everyone else affected by Our business' activities
Will provide appropriate financial and physical resources necessary to achieve these aims.
Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all Employees to identify, minimize and manage hazards and to contribute positively to Safety at work. All employees are responsible for taking care of their own health and safety and that of the people they work with
Chief Executive officer will be ultimately responsibility for health and safety in the business
Mr. Ashwin Gajara [Director]

Date: 14th March, 2008
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